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_____even if it kills me.

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..:de moi:..

im a dork. i actually care about school. my fam , best friend, and friends are very important to me. i’m Bengali and Muslim and very proud. i have big dreams and ambitions and goals. i would like to get somewhere in life and be happy. everything to do with England is amazing. if you cannot speak/write with correct grammar, go back to elementary school and learn.

..:qué yo quiero:..

reading. writing. music. movies. dancing. boys that can dance. british accents. british boys. daydreaming. designing. sunglasses. summer. spring. nice weather. west coast . new york city. australia. having fun. carefree. freedom. photography. expressing myself. etc.

..:non amo:..

liars. backstabbers. fakes. drama starters. ignorant people. racists. hypocrites. jerks. cheaters. everything that causes problems.

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